Leonid Slutsky: “If the INFMT ceases to exist, the extension of START-3 will be extremely difficult”

The suspension of the treaty between the USSR and the USA on the elimination of medium-range and shorter-range missiles (ADRM) makes it extremely difficult to extend the START-3 treaty in 2021, which threatens the peaceful architecture of the 21st century, believes Leonid Slutsky, head of the Duma’s international affairs committee.

On Thursday, this committee is considering a draft law on the suspension of the INF Treaty, which Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted to the lower chamber.

“We all know that the United States left unilaterally from the INF Treaty. It is surprising, it is destructive. Exit from the INF) in this case also threatens if the INFRD, unfortunately, ceases to exist, no matter – de jure or de – fact, but in this case it will be extremely difficult to extend the START-3 treaty in 2021. And this, in essence, does not exaggerate, means breaking down the stability that has been constructed by Russian, Soviet, and then Russian and American specialists for decades. this situation without unnecessary pathos, threatens a peaceful, secure, stable international architecture of the XXI century “, – said Slutsky at a meeting of the committee.

At the beginning of this year, the United States announced a unilateral withdrawal from the INF Treaty, accusing Russia of a lengthy violation of the treaty. The Russian President on February 2 said that the Russian Federation would mirror the decision of the United States to withdraw from the INF Treaty and also suspends participation in the treaty. The head of state noted that Russia should not and will not be drawn into the expensive arms race for Moscow. At the same time, Putin added that all the proposals of the Russian Federation on disarmament “remain on the table and the doors are open,” but demanded not to initiate any negotiations on this issue. START-3, signed in 2010 by Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev, remains the only treaty in force between Russia and the United States on arms limitation. The agreement expires in 2021, and so far Washington has not decided whether to extend it. Russia, in turn, has repeatedly stated that it is ready to discuss it.

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