Leonid Slutsky responded to Russia’s accusations of misinforming EU citizens on coronavirus

Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Leonid Slutsky in his Twitter microblogging account on Wednesday called the “fantasy turning into paranoia” statements that Russia supposedly misinform Europeans to increase panic due to the spread of a new type of coronavirus.

“The EU suspected Russia of misinformation to exacerbate the crisis because of # COVID2019 and increase panic, writes FT. What a rare nonsense, cleaner than the tales of “intervention”. Elections, “yellow vests”, now – pumping around the coronavirus !!! Stormy fantasy turning into paranoia, ”the deputy wrote.

Earlier, the Financial Times, citing a report by the European Foreign Service, reported on “a significant disinformation campaign by pro-Kremlin publications and Russian state-owned media regarding COVID-19.” The publication claimed that this was allegedly done to exacerbate the crisis in the health systems of Western countries, as well as to hinder effective action in response to the pandemic.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the allegations “Russophobic obsession.”

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