Leonid Slutsky: “Russia will not tolerate any more, even microscopic sanctions, from PACE”

Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the International Affairs Committee:

“Russia will not tolerate any more, even microscopic sanctions, from the PACE.

We are ready to return if a resolution is adopted with amendments to the regulations prohibiting the deprivation of national delegations of the right to vote, word and participation in the activities of the main structures of the Assembly. As soon as its draft (without emasting the amendments) is voted, the delegation of the Russian Federation with a probability of 99.99% will send an application to Strasbourg to resume work in PACE from June 25.

But if our powers are again subjected to revision, if PACE again goes on about the Russophobian minority and decides to continue the sanctions game, we will leave the hall and leave Strasbourg. The Russian delegation will not be able to stay in the Assembly if there is at least one item with restrictions on the report on our powers – no matter what. We will return only on an equal footing, as an equal delegation – in accordance with the spirit and letter of the statement of the CMCE. “

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