Leonid Slutsky: There is a mutual understanding on the issue with Georgia between the government, the Duma and the president

Leonid Slutsky, head of the State Duma’s international affairs committee, said that the lower house of parliament, the president and the government equally understand the situation with a possible response to anti-Russian attacks in Georgia.

“In this triangle there is a complete understanding on what we can do and on the question of exactly when we can respond. Of course, not today, ”said Leonid Slutsky.

Also Leonid Slutsky said that the State Duma did not propose to introduce something immediately. “Our proposal was for the government to think and understand how we can react to certain steps of the Georgian leadership if such things happen again,” said the deputy chairman of the Duma committee, reports TASS.

Earlier, ABN reported that the State Duma’s international affairs committee supported a proposal to limit the supply of wine and mineral waters from Georgia and to ban money transfers between countries.

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