Leonid Slutsky: “Volker promised that the United States will remain for a long time in Ukraine”

Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs:

“Volker promised that“ the United States will remain for a long time in Ukraine. ”This means that for a long time Ukraine will remain a territory of external control, torn by strife, where such concepts as civil peace and harmony are unattainable.

American puppeteers do not need peace there, they will continue to provoke Kiev to continue the conflict in the south-east to maintain tension near the Russian borders.

It turns out that the new Ukrainian president, whoever won the election results tomorrow, will not be an independent figure. Ukrainians are waiting for elections without a choice. Their country will again be led by the Washington Regional Committee, whose true goals are very far from those declared (prosperity and well-being of the Ukrainian people).

Ukraine, alas, remains a pawn on the “great chessboard,” where the United States is fighting for world domination. “

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