Leonid Slutsky called attempts to reform the UN destructive

This was stated by the Chairman of the International Affairs Committee, opening the work of the section “International Security: Legislators’ Dialogue for Peace and Stability” within the framework of the II International Forum “Development of Parliamentarism”.

“Today it is very important for us to understand together how to further ensure a safe, peaceful and stable architecture on the planet in the 21st century. This is a very difficult task, especially now, when the world is full of old and reopening conflicts, ”said Leonid Slutsky.

“It is necessary to preserve the multipolar world architecture that has developed on the planet after the Second World War, with the leading role of the UN, which has proven to have no alternative,” he stressed.

Attempts to reform the UN, he called destructive, and the unipolar world — «the denial of the world experience that has accumulated over the last century.»

The international forum “Development of parliamentarism,” Leonid Slutsky believes, “is an event of that dimension that will allow us to find a collegial answer to the main issues facing civilization and humanity today, and this is primarily international security issues.”

The presenters were chaired by Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the International Affairs Committee, and Pedro Agramunt, a member of the Senate of Spain, in 2016–2017, Chairman of the PACE.

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