Leonid Slutsky: «The disgusting ugly trick leading with Rustavi-2 is outrageous»

Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs:
“The disgusting ugly trick of the leader of Rustavi-2 is outrageous. Some condemnations here — even if from the Georgian president or the prime minister — are not enough. Apologies must be made at the state level. And not only for this ugly incident, but also for the whole unleashed anti-Russian orgy country.

The fact that a Georgian journalist allowed himself to say so and a provocation at the session of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy is a link in one chain. This is a general consequence of the overseas policy of disuniting the Georgian and Russian peoples, on imposing a course controlled by Washington from Tbilisi.

In any case, the Georgian leadership here needs to be wiser, not to go for provocations to the detriment of their own interests. Therefore, the proposed restrictive measures, I believe, could be a good lesson of courtesy for the Georgian authorities. This is quite adequate. «

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