Leonid Slutsky: “Over the past two years, in the relations of Russia and the United States “the bottom has been broken”

“The Americans repeat as a mantra the myth of Russia’s interference in the presidential elections in the United States in 2016. Special Prosecutor Muller and the Prosecutor General of the United States Bar did not find Trump’s conspiracy with the Russian authorities (it could not be), but they still insist on Russian hackers and the GRU, who in a mystical way, compromising was passed to the Democratic Party of Wikileaks. I doubt that there is real and plausible evidence for all these absurd accusations. Russophobia and fakes, unfortunately, have become a common technique for the domestic political struggle in Washington and the absence of reasonable arguments, our American partners repeatedly and cynically shake off dust from an imaginary “Russian threat.”

Over the past two years, the bottom has been broken in relations between Russia and the United States. The fall in the level of the Russian-American dialogue is already having a negative effect on world stability and security. The cornerstone arms control agreements have come under threat. Politicians in Washington must finally enter into the mind and understand that such actions put the world on the brink of war. “

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