Leonid Slutsky: “Republicans in the US Congress once again submitted a draft law declaring Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” and imposing sanctions against Russian high-ranking officials and big businessmen.

It is always interesting whether the authors of such initiatives think about the consequences and how immersed the congressmen are in the Russian-American and international agenda? Less than a month has passed since the last conversation between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, in which the President of Russia very clearly warned of the possibility of a complete severance of relations in the event of the introduction of the “unprecedented sanctions” promised back then. Or is all this part of a general plan to whip up anti-Russian hysteria and wind up negotiations on security guarantees?

All this, unfortunately, is reminiscent of the Hollywood comedy “The Tail Wags the Dog.” In order to divert attention from internal problems and in the pursuit of political points, the image of an external enemy is being heavily promoted. It just has nothing to do with the real situation.

On the contrary, everything is turned upside down. It is the US policy in the Middle East that gave rise first to ISIS, and then to Jabhat al-Nusra (terrorist organizations banned in the Russian Federation), with the militants of which we fought consistently in Syria. So the sponsor of international terrorism is definitely not Russia. But let’s not point fingers…

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