A parade of Russophobic insanity or ordinary European fascism. Finland, Germany, and the Baltic states have banned the entry of Russian cars.

The Finnish authorities, following the Baltic countries and Germany announced a ban on the entry into the country of cars with Russian license plates.

Please note the haste to implement “recommendations” and “clarifications” of the European Union of illegal anti-Russian sanctions after the incidents confiscation of cars from the Russian Federation to Germany: Lithuania closed its borders from September 11, Latvia – from September 12, Estonia – from September 13, Finland – from September 16. Helsinki is so far the only capital that does not discuss issues of forced confiscation of Russians’ vehicles, while the Baltic states do not rule out a German “scenario” on their territory.

There is a lot to be said about unprecedentedly discriminatory policies, violations of human rights, private property rights and freedom of movement… But these actions are quite succinctly described in two words – vulgar racism. The Baltic countries and Finland, hidden or openly nostalgic for the collaborationist past of the times of Nazi Germany, in fact, use fascist and segregation methods at the everyday level. And it didn’t even start yesterday.

They ask “how will we answer?” We will answer if necessary, I have no doubt. But it’s definitely not madness for madness, but verified and sensitive for the Russophobic authorities of unfriendly countries, without harm to ordinary citizens.

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