A photo of a sign with an “announcement” from a bus in Riga about separate places for Russian-speaking citizens “on the back of the cabin” is circulating on the network

Fake or not fake – even the deputies of the Latvian Seimas began to find out. I wish them to get to the bottom of the truth with all the ensuing legal consequences.

But, as you know, there is no smoke without fire. Back in August, the President of Latvia, Egils Levits, called for “sorting out and isolating from society” those who do not support the policy of cave Russophobia pursued in the country. It is not surprising that the story about “places for the whites” appears among these same Young Europeans, who annually honor the veterans of the Waffen-SS Legion.

You can now say a lot of smart words about segregation and the lack of real democracy with such approaches in general … There are also more intelligible well-established expressions: “ordinary fascism”, for example. History will judge, of course.

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