American cynicism is becoming a daily occurrence in international politics

Today, on the 24th anniversary of the NATO aggression against the former Yugoslavia, US Ambassador to Serbia Christopher Hill expressed the hope that “the Serbian people are strong enough to forget their grievances.” At the same time, he veiledly called the 78-day bombing of Belgrade an “air campaign” of the Alliance.

Expressing “personal condolences”, the head of the American diplomatic mission, in fact, emphasized that he was acting in this case as a private person. Neither the US nor its NATO allies have admitted their guilt or apologized for the deaths of civilians. The crime committed at the state level remained unpunished, did not receive a proper political and legal assessment in accordance with the norms of international law, which was then dealt an irreparable and crushing blow.

According to the Serbian side, up to 5,700 civilians, including almost 400 children, died during the NATO operation. So what does the American ambassador suggest that the Serbs now forget? Death of family and friends? The suffering of disabled people, oncological diseases caused by the use of depleted uranium ammunition by NATO, a surge in premature deaths due to this reason? Wiped off the face of the earth residential areas, destroyed cities and villages?

Such “grievances” are not forgotten by generations, especially since there is not even a hint of an admission of guilt and compensation for damages. The pressure on Belgrade is picking up again, and the US ambassador’s flirtation with his proposal to build a “better future” together is like trying to plant cheese to trap the Serbs in a Euro-Atlantic mousetrap.

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