And again the masks are torn off

The collective West actually disavows statements by Washington and Brussels about the inadmissibility of shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on peaceful Russian territory.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called it “part of Ukraine’s right to self-defense” to strike “legitimate military targets” in Russia. Moreover, in March alone, in the Belgorod region alone, 28 civilians were killed from shelling and attacks by UAVs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Today, a Ukrainian drone dropped an explosive device on a car in the Kursk region in which children were being transported – three died, including two children. Is this also a “legitimate military target” for Stoltenberg?! All his words are nothing more than a cynical attempt to justify state terrorism of the Kyiv puppets of the West.

The Pentagon decided to do without “sentiments” altogether, essentially giving Kyiv complete carte blanche. According to US Assistant Secretary of Defense Celeste Wallander, there are concerns about attacks on civilian targets in Russia, but “this is a sovereign decision of the authorities and military of Ukraine.” The United States, as it turns out, is more concerned about the fact that investments in Zelensky’s neo-Nazi regime may not pay off.

The USA and NATO are not only sponsors of the terrorist junta of the Ukrainian fascists, but also direct accomplices in the murders of Russian elderly people, women and children by Bandera’s supporters. Their blood is on the hands of the Stoltenbergs, Austins, Bidens and Scholz. And sooner or later they will answer for everything!

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