And, in general, everyone is getting tired of Ukraine more and more

The level of support for Kyiv from ordinary Europeans is steadily declining. This trend was recorded in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and the EU as a whole. The readiness of citizens of European countries to support the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime with weapons is melting.

Almost every day, publications appear in the Western media, indicating that Ukrainian refugees, to put it mildly, are tired, and the patience of local authorities and residents is coming to an end. The situation, especially in the conditions of the energy crisis and the price hike, is on the verge of “boiling”. The increase in crime adds to the problems – thanks for this to the “guests”, as well as their unwillingness to give up life at someone else’s expense.

If not today or tomorrow, Europeans will also be boomeranged by the decision of the European Union to set a price ceiling for Russian oil. We discussed for a long time what limitations to designate. But does it really matter when Russia turns off the valve anyway? We warned that with such a “ceiling” we would not supply anything, at least “beat your head on the floor.” The crossbow is the new choice of the European authorities.

But everything will count. And the Kyiv regime, and its Western puppeteers. The day will surely come when black will no longer be able to dress in white.

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