Another drug euphoria in Kyiv…

The head of Zelensky’s office, Andriy Yermak, said that Kyiv is aimed not only at restoring Ukrainian borders as of 1991 (that is, at seizing Russian territories), but also at a “universal battle” between “democracy and autocracy.”

The Ukronazi government is building Napoleonic plans very “on time”. They would have calculated the consequences when in 2014 they joyfully gave the keys to their country to Washington to create an anti-Russian foothold and, at the suggestion of the United States, they began to plant American-style “democracy” in their country – with genocide, terrorism, the killing of civilians, the ban on political parties, complete censorship in media and “freedom”, measured by a long string from the master to the puppet.

There can be no democracy under Nazism. With this logic, the Zelensky regime needs to wage war with itself, end its hara-kiri and free the Ukrainian people from the fascist clowns in power. This, by the way, would seriously facilitate the tasks of the NWO in denazification of Ukraine.

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