Any crime should be grounds for deprivation of a residence permit for migrants

Supporters of the active import of migrants insist that without additional labor resources the country’s economy will not be able to develop. Without speaking in general terms, migrants primarily go into the construction, agriculture and services sectors. And if in the first two the employer applies control measures over employees, then in services to the public we most often encounter conflict situations.

Low-skilled work, a low threshold for entering the profession, for example, a delivery man, a janitor, a taxi driver, open the way for anyone. To carry products to addresses with map hints, not only is language not needed, but mathematics is not in great demand either. Migrants with a bad or even criminal history are the first to try to get there. As a result, such individuals continue to lean toward illegal activities, crime, enter into conflicts with our citizens, and even simply do not follow traffic rules. We need to stop the flow of such personnel into the country.

LDPR faction , according to which a crime of any severity will become grounds for deprivation of a residence permit or temporary residence permit. If a serious crime is committed, the migrant will go home with his family.
In addition, we will expand the grounds for refusal to issue a residence permit or residence permit. Do you have a criminal record, have committed crimes, or have administrative charges for drugs, prostitution, LGBT propaganda, or encroachment on government institutions? Stay at your place. We don’t need criminal elements in our country.

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