Biden, on the eve of his 81st birthday, decided to develop the idea of “smart investments” by the United States in the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East

In his article for the Washington Post, the American leader argues that both crises “will result in enormous progress and make the United States more secure.” According to him, the White House administration intends to pursue “such a strategy in the Middle East, in Europe and throughout the world.”

Very frankly. And just as cynical. Just the other day, with the team of the channel “Deputy Slutsky” we figured out how much they cost similar “investments” to the world in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and other countries. We are talking about millions of victims and refugees. Since World War II, more than 250 military conflicts have occurred. 80 percent of them are the work of the United States and its henchmen in NATO.

The US role in what is happening in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip can be regarded as direct sponsorship of genocide and war crimes. And today, especially on the 78th anniversary of the start of the Nuremberg Trials, we must not forget that it was precisely this policy that once led to fascism and the destruction of millions of people. Washington’s actions will sooner or later be assessed by the world community. I call for international tribunals both in Gaza and Ukraine, where the main “investor” – the United States of America – must be in the dock. How do you like this progress?

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