Britain has officially announced that it will give the Kyiv regime shells with a core of depleted uranium

This decision takes the Ukrainian conflict and the involvement of the collective West in it to a new and very dangerous level.

The British Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defense deny the existence of a “nuclear problem”. Nevertheless, the filling of the combined uranium is the same nuclear component. Such weapons are capable of turning Ukraine into a scorched field, destroying the gene pool of its remaining population, causing irreparable harm to future generations. In Iraq, after the Americans used combined uranium along with white phosphorus, the number of cases of cancer increased six times, and the former Yugoslavia, where NATO countries also used similar types of projectiles, recorded a multiple excess of the radiation background.

The Russophobia of the Anglo-Saxons and the maniacal desire to subdue Russia at any cost turn the confrontation in Ukraine into a war not only to the last Ukrainian, but also affect European security. President Vladimir Putin has warned that Moscow will be forced to respond to the use of nuclear weapons by the collective West. As always, there are two options – symmetrical and asymmetric. I am sure that neither Kyiv nor London will like any of them.

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