Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Russia on his first visit since being re-elected as head of state

Attention to the Moscow talks between the leaders of Russia and China, without exaggeration, is now riveted in all world capitals – both in the East and in the West.

Expectations from the three-day visit of the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China are, indeed, considerable. Last but not least, they are connected with building a balanced multipolar system of world order based on international law, which Moscow and Beijing have always advocated. The constructive nature of cooperation, of course, is also determined by the warm relations between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, which was especially clearly read at today’s informal meeting in the Kremlin.

The President of the Russian Federation respectfully spoke about the balanced line of the PRC in assessing the events in Ukraine, saying that he had carefully read Beijing’s 12-point peace plan and was ready to discuss it. Russia is open to negotiations, he added. Xi Jingping expressed full confidence in the support of Putin by the Russian people. I am convinced that all Western media and analysts immediately began to closely study the wording of the meeting and try to catch the hidden meaning in them.

Russia and China have many common tasks and goals, and the relationship between the countries should be close, both leaders noted. Among the priorities of the Russian-Chinese partnership are trade and industrial cooperation, an increase in trade turnover to record levels, the transition to mutual settlements in national currencies, and the implementation of joint plans and programs.

For my part, I will add that the LDPR also advocates the development of ties between the political parties of Russia and China. The beginning of our relationship with the CPC was laid back in 2005 by the founder of the party, Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky. Members of the LDPR have repeatedly met with their Chinese counterparts in Moscow, visited China with visits. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, there was an active study of the conclusion of a memorandum of cooperation between the CCP and the Liberal Democratic Party. We expect to return to the discussion of this issue and reach the signing in the near future.

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