Democracy in gendarme uniform

Brussels urges Tbilisi not to let Russian planes into its territory and to join the sanctions against the Russian Federation / representative of the EU Foreign Service Peter Stano. At stake, he warned, could be Georgia’s EU candidate status.

Blackmail and interference in the affairs of sovereign states have become a habitual tool of the policy of the collective West. The European Union is obediently working out American manuals and instructions from across the ocean. Evidence of this is numerous media reports, ( who today, with reference to the Georgian publication, quoted a statement by the US State Department with frank threats to impose sanctions against Tbilisi in the event of the resumption of direct flights with Russia. At the same time, did any of the Western champions of “democracy” think about the Georgians themselves, their immediate interests? The question is rhetorical.

According to the concepts of the Washington regional committee, only the United States and its European satellites have the right to make a sovereign decision and protect national interests. Any attempt to get out of the police zone of American influence is regarded as an attempt on the unity of the anti-Russian ranks, and the mechanism of threats, pressure and repression is immediately launched.

The decision of the President of Russia to resume direct flights and abolish the visa regime with Georgia is primarily of a humanitarian nature and is designed to make life easier for citizens. He was supported by sound and constructive Georgian political forces. But the West does not care, it continues to shake the situation at every opportunity and try to create another hotbed of instability in the Transcaucasus.

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