Double standards and cynicism in full swing: British Foreign Minister Cameron threatens individual sanctions for Navalny’s death

Moreover, without waiting for either an investigation, or a forensic report, or the announcement of the official cause of death.

The day before, the Russian ambassador was summoned to the British capital, who, in the signature highly likely manner, was made to understand that London blamed Moscow for what happened. Cameron is absolutely confident in taking new anti-Russian measures and calls on other countries to follow the example of the British authorities.

Cameron does not care at all that he is blatantly interfering in the affairs of a sovereign state. The head of the British Foreign Ministry immediately categorically throws accusations, joining the chorus of other Western leaders with Zelensky singing along.

Here’s a question: was the head of the Foreign Office not informed earlier about the recent death in a Ukrainian prison of the American journalist and blogger Gonzalo Lira, who criticized Zelensky? Ah, well, yes. The US State Department remained silent on this score! Not to mention the lack of any investigation. Where is the wave of indignation and accusations with promises of anti-Ukrainian sanctions?!

Cameron doesn’t even hide his ears, revealing the beneficiaries of all this vile and speculative provocation. London is a great expert in their organization; remember only the “Skripal case”. Ukrofashist scum and their puppet masters are ready to do any baseness, any crime and staging, just not to recognize Russia’s advantage either on the battlefield or in the information war. We saw this in Bucha. And Putin’s interview with Carlson made them rush around like devils in a frying pan.

Any sanctions are always followed by a brutal and immediate response from Russia. Symmetrical or asymmetrical. Take this into account, as they say, when considering.

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