Exactly two years ago, Russia took a decisive and, as time shows, the right step

We raised our heads, straightened our shoulders and set out in a monolithic formation to defend the Russians, the Russian world, the future of Russian civilization. It has not been and will not be easy for us. But this is a conscious choice of a strong nation. With this feeling we must make a decisive assault. The last one, before the Victory. Until the complete Victory of Russian weapons!

We have been living in a new reality for exactly two years. The masks were dropped, former partners showed their true faces, and traitors to Russia fled abroad. All this brought us difficulties, the need to rebuild processes, learn new things, but it made us stronger and more united. This is how we will go into the future, relying on ourselves and our strengths.

Exactly two years, and the SVO is not finished yet. We are all going through difficult times, but it is most difficult for those who wait every day for news from the front: parents, children, spouses. Our soldiers must return home with Victory. Soon it will be so.

The day of the outbreak of hostilities is historically never a holiday, but we will definitely celebrate the Victory. And let us remember everyone who, without sparing themselves, obtained it at the front and in the rear.

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