Family and children, and not material values, should become the principle of the success of a Russian person

Russia’s population is declining. Of course, not a unique trend: the so-called “demographic transition” is typical for many countries. Statistically, the life of a person in the country seems to have become more comfortable. Every year, citizens have more opportunities for professional implementation. But there is no boom in the birth rate, and mortality is at a high level.

Moreover, in Russia there are more and more propagandists declaring the special significance of the individual priorities of each person. Of course, human rights and freedoms are above all. It’s about something else.

About total freedom, about dislocated European “values”. The unflattering, simply frankly unsuccessful experience of European countries in the uncontrolled import of migrants has led to the formation of national enclaves in the oldest centers of culture, absolutely not integrated and not accepting the values of the indigenous population, living off budget handouts, surrounded by social guarantees. What will happen next is not difficult to guess.

This is not the way of Russia. We must form a society where with the birth of each child, there are more and more opportunities. Every citizen should have confidence that his family, his children, is his highest achievement and good. We need a detailed step-by-step state system of family support at every stage of its development.

It is necessary to burn the imposed propaganda of “free love”, childlessness and other nonsense from the agenda. Living without children should not be normal, if there are no medical factors to that.

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