Foreign specialists coming to work must know Russian

In March of this year, the reception party received several complaints about the activities of offices selling Russian language proficiency certificates to migrants. Having turned to citizens with a request to check the situation in their regions, we received a flood of response messages confirming that it is possible to obtain a document even without an exam.

Judging by the number of advertisements on the Internet, the number of “specialists” who can help you pass the Russian language exam is very large. Their activities need to be stopped. Rosobrnadzor has already begun testing the knowledge of migrants. We propose to equip the department with the ability not only to suspend the activities of organizations selling documents, but also with a mechanism for revoking certificates of Russian language proficiency from foreign citizens. The faction submitted the bill to the State Duma today.

By canceling the fraudulent exam results, we will force visitors to re-confirm their right to work in our country and will be able to get rid of elements undesirable for society who entered Russia through bribes.

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