Happy Diplomat’s Day!

In modern Russia, this is a relatively young professional holiday, established by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on October 31, 2002. But in Rus’, the “embassy business” has been going on since the time of Ivan the Terrible – this year marks 475 years since the issuance of the Ambassadorial Order.

Russian diplomacy has a rich and glorious history, truly centuries-old traditions that are carefully preserved and developed. Our diplomats are brilliant scholars, professionals and patriots of their Motherland. Their daily hard work requires complete dedication, and sometimes sacrifices. We will always remember those who died while performing their official duty outside of Russia.

Today, Russian diplomats are celebrating their holiday at the forefront of the fight for the national interests of our country in the most difficult conditions of a hybrid war unleashed by the collective West. I wish them health, strength and new victories on external frontiers for the benefit of Russia! Success and prosperity to the entire numerous team of the Central Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its foreign agencies!

Congratulations to all employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, headed by Sergei Viktorovich Lavrov, as well as the veterans of the Diplomatic Service!

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