If NATO ceased to exist in 1991, along with the Warsaw Pact, the world would be different

Most likely better. With fewer wars and armed conflicts.

Yes, history has no subjunctive mood. But there are trends that are resurgent. This is how the idea of ​​abolishing the North Atlantic Alliance breaks through the thickness of American political ambitions and the military-industrial lobby.

By fair logic, NATO should have been disbanded many years ago: with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the reason for creating a military bloc, the so-called “threat of Soviet expansion”, disappeared. But no, on the contrary, the Alliance has embarked on a course of expansion to the east, recruiting both former socialist countries and former Soviet republics into its ranks. 5 waves in total and 14 new member states.

With all this, the United States finally proclaimed itself the “locomotive” of the Alliance of 30 countries, subduing Europe under its interests and tying it collectively responsible for the violent change of regimes objectionable to Washington in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. In Syria, we did not allow this to be done. Today, NATO forces under American leadership are actually fighting against Russia at the hands of Ukrainians.

And now, not somewhere in Russia, but in the United States, they are proposing to “close” NATO. Or rather, to withdraw from it, which in fact will mean the beginning of the end of the Organization. The American edition of The Hill published an article by former Assistant Deputy Attorney General Bruce Fein, who proposed to Congress end US membership in NATO. In his opinion, this will make it possible to end the Ukrainian conflict and save Washington billions of dollars that go to support Kyiv. The US Congress, Fein believes, could receive a Nobel Prize for this decision.

As for the prize, it doesn’t really matter. And in fact, it’s true. A good opportunity for the Republicans, who have received almost a majority in Congress, to show goodwill and make a real contribution to reducing tension in the world. In addition, having saved significant funds for American taxpayers, more than $ 100 billion a year (the author of the article reports such expenses), which today go to the neo-Nazi regime of the US puppet Zelensky.

A publication in a reputable publication removed the taboo from the topic. The idea was revived on the “native” territory of the alliance, making its way. The path will be thorny, it is obvious. But sooner or later the number of his adherents will begin to increase. And the US-fed Kyiv regime, as predicted State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin, indeed gets more and more chances become a real NATO gravedigger.

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