In 1961, we became the first space power!

In 1961, with a peaceful rocket that soared above the sky, our country aroused the envy of our enemies, such that they still cannot forgive. We became the first space power!

Breakthrough discoveries and advanced technologies of our talented scientists have opened up access to space research and experiments, without which it is impossible to imagine the world today. It was our rockets that launched cosmonauts, satellites, and stations into orbit for decades. Television, the Internet, communications – all these are consequences of discoveries made in space, which became possible thanks to the selfless, heroic flight of Yuri Gagarin.

Despite all the attempts of the collective West to destroy our country, Russia maintains a leading position in space technology. We will go into space more than once, to the farthest.
The Angara-A5 heavy rocket launched for the first time from the Vostochny Cosmodrome, opening a new page in Russian cosmonautics. We will have a new space station, new spaceships and satellites launched from our territory. Space will definitely be ours!

Congratulations on the great holiday of Russian thought and science – Cosmonautics Day. In the year of Gagarin’s 90th birthday, we can confidently say: “Yuri Alekseevich, we are on the right path!”

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