In a video message to NATO, Zelensky said that Ukrainians on the battlefield are supposedly defending European values and Europe from “tyranny from the east”

Zelensky again played a show for the hosts and sponsors. In a video address to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, he said that the Ukrainians on the battlefield defend, they say, European values ​​​​and Europe from “tyranny from the east.”

The “grateful audience”, along with applause, burst into a series of resolutions in which the NATO PA called for strengthening military support for Ukraine, recognizing Russia as a terrorist state and setting up a military tribunal.

Didn’t mix anything up? Fascism is not being revived in Russia. It is not our soldiers who torture and shoot unarmed prisoners of war or deliberately shoot civilians. It is not we who tie people to poles who will never zigue in support of the Kyiv regime. Since the end of World War II, the United States alone has more than 20 countries bombed by the US Armed Forces and their allies in the North Atlantic bloc. And after that, the NATO PA talks about Russia’s “aggression”?

If we talk about a military tribunal, then Ukrainian war criminals, Poroshenko, Zelensky and their patrons should be on its bench. If we talk about a terrorist state, then it is high time to recognize Ukraine as its sponsor, and the entire collective West and NATO in the first place as its sponsor. If we talk about a real threat to the world, then all members of the Alliance Assembly should go to the mirror and take a better look at themselves.

But all these “ifs” exist in the coordinate system of truth and justice, and not behind the scenes of the “anti-Russia” project, and certainly not in Brussels on the sidelines of the assemblies of “civilizers”. In the meantime, the circus is in place, and the clowns have remained …

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