In Estonia, Russophobia has reached the stage of political schizophrenia

Interior Minister Lauri Läänemets went from war against monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators from fascism to an offensive against the Russian Orthodox Church. “There is no other choice but to propose to the Riigikogu to declare the Moscow Patriarchate terrorist and supporting terrorism in its activities,” the Postimees newspaper quotes him as saying.

Here it is, Russophobia in action! It hits people who have saved their souls and have not betrayed their faith to please the maddened authorities. The Russophobic escapades of the head of the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs cannot be explained otherwise than by a serious mental illness.

Only if there are clinical signs of a split personality (and here they are!), It is possible to simultaneously support the clearly terrorist Kiev regime, aimed at killing civilians, and call the Orthodox Church, which brings goodness and peace, terrorist. Moral ugliness, degeneration and the theater of the absurd, what else can I say. Unless you need treatment.

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