International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ombudsman for Children Maria Lvova-Belova

The reason is the so-called possible involvement in “war crimes”, as well as the “illegal deportation of children” to Russia.

1. Terry double standards, complete politicization and discrediting of the ICC. Such accusations are simply monstrous, they do not even fall under the definition of “absurd”. The Children’s Ombudsman and the Russian authorities managed to save a huge number of children, many of whom lost their homes, parents or were injured during shelling by Ukrainian neo-Nazis. And now they have a future in their own country, in Russia.

2. The decision of the ICC is legally null and void for the Russian side, just zilch, calculated on the propaganda effect in the West. The jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court does not extend to Russia, since our country has refused to ratify the Rome Statute. And in The Hague it is well known.

3. ICC warrants for arrest should be issued to Zelensky, his gang and their Western backers. They are real war criminals.

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