Kyiv is actively trying to “improve” the methods of nuclear terrorism

The SVR of Russia has reliable data that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are storing weapons coming from the West at nuclear power plants, in including rockets. The calculation is criminal – Russia, they say, will not hit nuclear power plants, and if another random Ukrainian air defense missile suddenly leads to their destruction, responsibility can always be blamed on Moscow.

In fact, the current Ukrainian government is playing with fire. It will blaze – so on all of Europe, and even further. And it will be useless to blame Russia. Radioactive dust will not figure out whose heads it falls on. Will cover everyone.

The Kyiv regime finally seems to have lost the last remnants of sanity. But what is wrong with European capitals? Are you ready to be erased too? Sacrifice millions of lives of its citizens. And for what? To preserve the unipolar world and US hegemony?! Turn on your brains. And explain to the Kyiv would-be terrorists what kind of mine they put under the entire planet. The gun hung on the wall in the first act will definitely fire in the third act. Actor Zelensky how not to know about it.

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