LDPR deputies prepared a bill on “credit holidays” for conscripts as part of partial mobilization

We propose to introduce the right to freeze payments for individuals on mortgages, auto and consumer loans, microloans. In this case, the grace period should be limited to the period of conscription for military service for mobilization.

Changes are expected in the laws:
✅ “On consumer credit (loan)”;
✅ “About credit histories”;
✅ “On microfinance activities and microfinance organizations”.

The Liberal Democratic Party is ready to submit an initiative to the chamber for consideration this minute, but I am convinced that such decisions should be made with an inter-factional consensus. Therefore, we have already begun consultations with other parliamentary factions and relevant committees to consolidate efforts. We are waiting for the position of the Government of Russia.

We look forward to the adoption of the necessary legislative decisions in the very near future. You can’t pull them off!

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