LDPR held an All-Russian reception of citizens

Today, throughout the country, State Duma deputies, senators, deputies of regional and local parliaments held receptions for residents.

As the Founder of the Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, taught us, we need to reach every family. Russian citizens know that they can rely on the LDPR, that we will help solve the most difficult issues, so they come to us.

Held a personal reception in Moscow. With a mother of many children and the head of the Association of Large Families of the Kirov Region, Elena Chesnokova, we discussed the situation with receiving benefits after children reach adulthood.
Let us consider in the State Duma the issue of permanently securing the status of a large family. The status of such a family should not end when the eldest child turns 18 years old.

Participants of the Northern Military District from Sevastopol also got in touch. We recently sent drones named after Zhirinovsky to the Kherson direction. The guys saw the presentation and asked to send another batch to their division. This is a contribution to our common Victory by Vladimir Volfovich, who, even after his life, continues the battle against Nazism.

We talked with the young Tikhachev family. Alexey, Mikhail and Maria live in a small village and are now choosing a school. They plan to take their son to study in the city, to a gymnasium, since the local school does not provide the required quality of education.

The LDPR has long drawn attention to the need for the speedy development of rural areas. We have made amendments to next year’s budget to ensure the systematic development of infrastructure in rural areas, because small towns and villages should be comfortable to live and raise children.

Today LDPR deputies
instantly heard the needs of thousands of citizens of the country. This will allow us to more accurately fine-tune bills and initiatives so that they meet exactly the needs that people need. This reception format will become a permanent tool for the Party’s work. But let me emphasize that the doors of our regional branches are open any day for anyone who needs help.

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