Leonid Slutskiy: “Which year the European authorities have left without a proper reaction the procession of Bandera’s followers in the center of Kiev”

Leonid Slutsky: “The Collective West continues to actively develop and sponsor the“ anti-Russia ”project in Ukraine, turning a blind eye to the country’s rapid slide towards nationalist politics. For many years, followers of Bandera have been marching in the center of Kiev, glorifying the bloody executioner and an accomplice of the Nazis. For a year, the European authorities have left this “event” without a proper reaction.

And how is the glorification of Nazi criminals allowed in the European space today? The answer, obviously, must be asked from those who are consistently engaged in falsifying the history of World War II, trying to belittle the role of the Soviet soldier in the victory over fascism and demonize modern Russia.

Chairman of the State Duma Viacheslav Volodin is absolutely right when he speaks of the inadmissibility of encouraging nationalism and its revival in Europe. The Russian delegation intends to raise this issue at all inter-parliamentary platforms, primarily in the PACE and the OSCE PA. And I do not exclude that in the very near future – at the first sessions of the assemblies in the coming year 2022.”

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