Leonid Slutsky: “A bill entitled” Draft Law 2021 on Holding Russia Accountable for Malicious Activities “has been submitted to the US Congress

Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs:

“The bill has been reintroduced to Congress under the title“ Draft Law of 2021 on Bringing the Russian Federation to Account for Malicious Activities ”, where it is proposed to impose sanctions against Russian citizens because of the situation around Navalny. Grounds – involvement in poisoning and repression for political reasons. Evidence and facts – zero. Again we are faced with the theater of the absurd and the “dull” anti-Russian hysteria.

From the point of view of all international legal norms, the conduct of US sanctions in the Navalny case will be interference at the legislative level in the affairs of the sovereign Russian state and pressure on the judicial system. Obviously, the blogger is just an excuse. Human rights, the law, the court are absolutely not taken into account here. The main goal of Washington remains to contain Russia by any means.

But I am sure that all such attempts are doomed to failure. Russia does not accept the policy of sanctions pressure in bilateral relations. We respond to all regular restrictive measures with adequate countermeasures – deliberately and carefully, without aggression and hysteria. The corresponding legislative base and legal instruments have already been formed.

And one more thing: the unhealthy political activity around the trial of the blogger on the part of the collective West actually only confirms the provocative nature of the whole story with his pseudo poisoning. “

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