Leonid Slutsky: “Chisinau runs the risk of going down a very dangerous path. The President of Moldova regarded the protests of people in the Gagauz autonomy as an “attempt to destabilize”

Leonid Slutsky: “Chisinau runs the risk of taking a very dangerous path … The President of Moldova regarded the protests of people in the Gagauz autonomy as an “attempt to destabilize”. But further ignoring their opinion will be a big mistake.

The Gagauz all day come up with a number of economic and political demands to the central authorities of the country. What’s in Chisinau? But nothing, they pretend that absolutely nothing is happening in the south of Moldova.

What do the protesters want? Everything is very simple: reducing the rise in prices, which means stopping the impoverishment of the population, and strengthening Russian-Moldovan relations. Their actions were held in Comrat (the capital of the autonomy), Vulkanesti and Ceadir-Lung and were organized by civil activists and deputies of the People’s Assembly. The demonstrators chanted: “No price increase!”, “Gagauzia!, For friendship with Russia”, “Gagauz and Moldavians are brothers”, “Moldova, Russia!”.

But the Moldovan authorities, actively involved in the Western project “anti-Russia”, do not even want to hear their own citizens. It is understandable – an open display of solidarity with Russia sharply contradicts the official ideology of Russophobia, which has already been imposed on Chisinau from outside.

Such a policy is in fact a manifestation of a latent infringement of the rights of an entire nation, which gained its statehood in Moldova. The Chisinau regime over and over again rejects any initiatives of the authorities of the autonomy, reaching the point of political blasphemy. We all remember how cruelly the decision of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia to disobey the ban of the St. George Ribbon was suppressed. At the same time, President Maia Sandu systematically cancels his visit to Comrat, apparently not wanting to discuss with citizens either their problems or the current situation. Is it possible to disregard the position of the inhabitants of the autonomy, which – according to the Constitution of Moldova – has the right to self-determination?

We have always supported and will support the Gagauz people. We believe that his opinion must be taken into account when developing any strategies, plans, choosing foreign partners, conducting foreign and domestic policies. It is time for the Moldovan authorities with Romanian passports in their pockets to learn: they are responsible for all the inhabitants of the country. Including those who demand better relations with Russia.”

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