Leonid Slutsky commented on the EU decision on personal sanctions in Navalny’s case against a number of senior officials of the Russian Federation

“The EU’s decision on personal sanctions on Navalny’s case against the heads of the Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the National Guard and the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia is absolutely illegal, as well as useless. Actually, this is another step in the chain of provocations of the collective West associated with the “Berlin patient” to continue denigrating Russia and creating an appropriate background for the policy of containment.

The new sanctions cannot bring any result, and European politicians are well aware of this. Nevertheless, they are once again going to strike one more blow at Russia’s cooperation with the EU.

Russia will undoubtedly respond proportionately to all sanctions attacks. The principle of reciprocity has not been canceled. We can only regret that in the end all this can lead to an even greater degradation of relations. “

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