Leonid Slutsky: “German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Russia allegedly left his government no choice but to supply weapons to Ukraine”

Everything is upside down again. Ukraine was deliberately turned into a springboard for pressure on Russia and direct aggression. The collective West wanted, as they say, to act by proxy. By the hands of criminals. Eyes were turned a blind eye to the policy of the Kyiv regime on the oppression of Russian-speaking citizens, national minorities, reprisals against objectionable people and the spread of neo-Nazi contagion.

Moscow consistently sought the implementation of the Minsk agreements for 8 years, while Kyiv was preparing for war. Moreover, the appetites of the Ukrainian elite have grown so much that Zelensky started talking about nuclear weapons.

Russia has no choice left. And our country is fighting the threat with its own forces, and not by proxy.

It is better to keep silent about how such statements sound from the lips of the German Chancellor on Victory Day.

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