Leonid Slutsky: Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki continues to set “Russophobia standards”

Now he has declared that the Russian world is a “cancer”, which allegedly poses a mortal threat to the whole of Europe. And therefore, they say, it is necessary to completely eradicate its ideology.

Morawiecki’s statements look like the rhetoric of the Third Reich. I would like to remind him that the former figures who wanted to eradicate the Russian world, and among them there were figures much more powerful than the Prime Minister, found themselves on the bench of the Nuremberg Tribunal.

But the Russian world has indeed been declared a hybrid war. And its victims, among other things, were the very European values ​​that Brussels and Strasbourg so cherished. Censorship, bans, the notorious “cancellation culture” have replaced freedom of speech, true democracy and equality.

However, the truth can hardly be stopped in the modern world and canceled one by one from Washington or Brussels. We all saw how the inhabitants of Riga laid a carpet of flowers in front of the monument to the soldiers of the Soviet army – the liberators, how people came out with Russian flags, how the “Immortal Regiments” walked along the streets of foreign capitals.

Morawiecki’s statements, as well as the disgusting attack on our ambassador to Poland, Sergei Andreev, are manifestations of impotent malice. Fighting at such a pace with the non-existent “cancer of the Russian world”, Europe runs the risk of itself falling from the “sarcoma of Nazism.” History, I’m sure, will once again put everything in its place.

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