Leonid Slutsky spoke at the presentation of the report “A New Understanding and Ways to Strengthen Multilateral Strategic Stability”

Russia should abandon nuclear disarmament in favor of nuclear deterrence, said Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs.

“We need to move away from the counterproductive movement towards nuclear disarmament and move to sequential steps to deter nuclear deterrence,” he said Thursday, speaking at the presentation of the report “New Understanding and Ways to Strengthen Multilateral Strategic Stability” at the TASS press center.

“I would call it one of the two main centers of gravity in the report. I would“ rearm ”this thesis with a movement towards peace, that is, peacekeeping,” said the parliamentarian.

According to the head of the committee, peacekeeping should steadily become one of the main vectors of Russia’s foreign policy.

“In the coming months, we will offer the country’s leadership some steps to speed up the development of the peace movement,” said Slutsky. “Today I can say that we have managed to grow a serious peacekeeping movement, we have the potential, experts and researchers who work at various sites under the auspices of the Russian Peace Fund, so that the peace movement becomes a key component of our foreign policy and civil society activities. this is to avoid a nuclear disaster, “he said.

The gathered experts, the authors of the report and participants in the analysis of the problems set forth in it, presented the results of their thoughts on how the change in the balance of power in the world, the development of technologies and weapons affected traditional concepts of strategic stability and nuclear deterrence, as well as how the previous approaches based on bilateral agreements between Russia and the United States, can prevent a nuclear catastrophe.

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