Leonid Slutsky: “The accusations of the State Department against Russia about the creation of conspiracy theories regarding the incident with Navalny are beyond the bounds”

Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs:

“The State Department’s accusations against Russia of creating conspiracy theories regarding the Navalny incident are beyond the bounds. The West continues to use the blogger to organize anti-Russian provocations with the help of fake publications in the media about his alleged poisoning by FSB officers. It really is a conspiracy. But not in theory, but in practice. A conspiracy against Russia by the collective West.

It is quite significant that the second act of the play “Navalny.Highly 2.0″ began after the results of the US presidential elections were summed up. And it is quite natural that today’s statement by the State Department is coupled with media leaks about possible new US sanctions against Russia in connection with the Navalny case. Washington intends to continue its policy of containing Moscow at any cost. It is obvious”.

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