Leonid Slutsky: “The Mayor of Riga, Mārtiņš Stakis, said that the monument to Soviet soldiers would be disposed of, since it allegedly has no artistic value for the museum of the so-called “occupation”

The work to destroy the monument will require more than 2 million euros. Exactly as much power in the capital of the country, where prices rise every day, and inflation breaks records, is ready to be thrown away in favor of Russophobic trends in rewriting the history of World War II.

Yes, if anyone does not remember, this is the very monument in front of which on May 9 this year, the inhabitants of Riga laid out a whole field of flowers in gratitude to the fallen soldiers-liberators. They were not afraid then neither of the police nor of arrests. And shame on such a mayor who spits on the opinion of his fellow citizens for the sake of overseas overlords.

Gentlemen, this monument will forever remain in the hearts of people as a memory of the great feat of the Russian soldier who defeated fascism! What will be remembered for you? State vandalism, political blasphemy and war on monuments?

History will reward everyone…

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