Leonid Slutsky: “The USA continues to blindly impose sanctions against Russian citizens”

Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky:

“The United States continues to blindly impose sanctions against Russian citizens. Again, staff of the Investigative Committee were subjected to restrictions on the basis of “reliable information” from the State Department. The case in point is the detention of followers of the extremist organization Jehovah’s Witnesses, who accused law enforcement authorities of allegedly ill-treatment.
At the same time, the United States was not embarrassed that such an authoritative institution as the ECHR, which can in no way be suspected of loyalty to the Russian authorities, refused to satisfy the requests of one of the adherents of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and an independent judicial examination did not find any signs of the alleged mythical torture.

Thus, as mathematicians say, what was required to prove: the United States is ready to impose sanctions for the sake of sanctions, which have already become a familiar tool of American foreign policy. Washington, without a twinge of conscience, intervenes in this way in the affairs of sovereign states, solving its geopolitical tasks.

I’m sure that Russia’s reaction to the next illegal US sanctions will be adequate. ”

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