Leonid Slutsky took part in the XXIII World Russian National Council

Leonid Slutsky: “Today I had the honor to take part in the XXIII World Russian People’s Cathedral, where one of the most important tasks of our time – THE CREATION OF RUSSIA was discussed.

Representatives of science, civil society, clergy, and leaders of political parties spoke with alarm about one thing: it is necessary to overcome the negative trends in the reduction of the Russian population in the shortest possible time. The indicators of natural decline, unfortunately, are growing every year. From January to September, according to Rosstat, almost 995 thousand people were born in Russia, and more than a million died. Mortality exceeded the birth rate by almost 220 thousand people (in 2018, by almost 170 thousand). Think about these numbers. We are faced with real PEOPLE EXPLORATION.

If such a picture develops further, then, I will quote a programmatic article by President of Russia Vladimir Putin, written by him back in 2012, “by 2050 we risk becoming an empty space, the fate of which will not be decided by us.” In order to prevent this from happening, in practice it’s now necessary to understand what true national conservation depends on. In my opinion, these are three main factors: FAMILY, SPIRITUALITY, ECONOMY. Large families should become a natural norm of life, family and spiritual values ​​- unshakable, state support – tangible for everyone. Much has already been done here, but this is far from all.

I am confident that together and by joint efforts we will cope with the solution of the task of preserving Russia. There is no other way. “

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