Leonid Slutsky: Trump’s veto on the ban on the use of force against Iran cannot but alarm

Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the State Duma’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, called the decision of US President Donald Trump vetoing a resolution banning the use of military force against Iran alarming. The parliamentarian wrote about this on Twitter.

“Trump’s veto on the Congress resolution banning the use of military force against Iran means only one thing: the US administration still retains the possibility of forceful development of the situation in the Middle East,” said Leonid Slutsky.

The head of the committee added that “taking into account the January events in the region, this cannot but alarm”.

On Thursday, media reported that Trump vetoed a Congressional resolution that banned him from using military force against Iran. The head of the White House called the resolution “very offensive, noting that it was created by the Democrats“ as part of their strategy of sowing discord among Republicans and thereby trying to win the November 3 election. ” Earlier, Congress attempted to limit the powers of the head of the United States in conducting military operations against Iran. Congressmen felt that otherwise Donald Trump could unleash a war.

Earlier, Leonid Slutsky said that the United States should tackle its internal problems instead of imposing on European countries projects that are actually aimed at strengthening the American presence at the borders of Russia. The US, according to the deputy, in a pandemic show “bestial egoism” instead of solidarity. Slutsky believes that in this situation there are techniques of unfair competition in the pursuit of their own dominance, and these methods in the struggle for people’s lives look even more cynical. In addition, the head of the committee considered the politicized statements that the Chinese authorities deliberately concealed data on the new coronavirus.

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