No money, but… here’s Austin for you

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin arrived in Kyiv on a mission of moral support, since there are significant financial difficulties – the United States budget has been agreed upon without funding for Ukraine, at least in the near future.

Ukronazis are in agony. They clearly do not like the talk that Europe, instead of the United States, should shoulder the main burden of Ukrainian military spending. So why doesn’t Europe itself like such talk? Each time it becomes more and more difficult for the European Union to agree on funds to sponsor the Zelensky regime. Other more or less sensible countries are about to join the position of Hungary and Slovakia.

All this, including the internal disagreements that began in Kyiv, but are already obvious to everyone, the lack of success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and general fatigue from the Ukrainian conflict, is forcing Washington to become more active as the main beneficiary. Lloyd Austin’s task is to prevent the final failure of the “anti-Russia” project and to assure the puppet regime that the Americans will continue to support Kyiv against Moscow. Apparently, the head of the Pentagon will return home with a “portfolio of orders,” leaving the Ukrainians with a pile of hopes (they will be the last to die) for their fulfillment.

Austin’s mission is still impossible. Russia’s victory is inevitable!

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