On February 21, the legend of the Moscow urban planning complex celebrates his 88th birthday

On February 21, the legend of the Moscow urban planning complex, State Duma deputy Vladimir Iosifovich Resin, celebrates his 88th birthday. For me personally, he is a Teacher and a wise mentor.

Resin’s two “eights” today are tens of millions of square meters of housing and infrastructure facilities in the capital, the Okhotny Ryad and Gostiny Dvor shopping complexes, the reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theater, the memorial on Poklonnaya Hill, the restoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral, hundreds of legislative initiatives taken for the benefit of people. Vladimir Iosifovich, a professional with a capital P and an experienced leader, generously and sincerely shared the secrets of his skill with us, his students.

Supervising the creation of the modern urban space of Moscow, Resin always attached great importance to the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage and spiritual wealth of Russia. To this day, an important part of his activity is the construction of Orthodox churches throughout the country.

I wish Vladimir Iosifovich, who is rightly called the “Father of all builders,” health, prosperity, strength, happiness and success!

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