On Legitimate Targets and Star Wars

Washington plans to throw another $21 billion into the Ukrainian firebox to supply military equipment and weapons to the neo-Nazi regime.

And once again, American taxpayers’ money will turn to dust and be thrown into the wind. There is no need for illusions: the weapons supplied to Kyiv will automatically become a legitimate target for destruction by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. We’ve talked about it a hundred times.

Also, commercial civilian satellites performing purely combat missions can become completely “legitimate targets for retaliatory destruction”. warned about this quite recently in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Russian Foreign Ministry has information about the use by the West of low-orbit constellation vehicles to transmit data to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which grossly and cynically violates international agreements on peaceful space, including the treaty on the principles of the use of outer space.

If Russian warnings are ignored, as they were with security guarantees nearly a year ago, Western involvement in the Ukrainian conflict could spark combat activity in Earth orbit. Think before it’s too late.

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