PACE decided to present a “gift” to the 25th anniversary of the start of the North Atlantic Alliance’s aggression against Yugoslavia

And this is not about condemning NATO’s barbaric Operation Allied Force. No. We are talking about the entry of self-proclaimed Kosovo into the Council of Europe, contrary to the position of a long-standing member of the organization – Serbia.

Today the Political Committee of the Assembly recommended inviting Pristina to become a full member of the Council of Europe. This decision should be confirmed by a vote at the plenary session in Strasbourg on April 18. Kosovo is still, according to the Constitution of Serbia, part of the Republic as an Autonomous Province. And its acceptance as an independent member state of the Council of Europe will be a slap in the face to Belgrade. Here you have the vaunted European values (hypocritical to the point of rottenness), here you have “respect for territorial integrity”, here you have “compliance with international law”.

Much has already been said about the “Pandora’s box” opened by the collective West, first in 1999 with the bombing of Belgrade, and then wide open in early 2008 with the recognition of Kosovo’s independence by the majority of Western countries. But the Americans and their European satellites still refuse to realize the consequences of their own actions, hiding behind the notorious “exceptionalism.” We remember how many hysterical cries in the same PACE were caused by the self-determination of Abkhazia and South Ossetia with the recognition of their sovereignty by Russia, we remember the “Crimean” crisis in the Assembly, we remember and will never forget. The icing on the cake: the Council of Europe is not the ultimate dream for Pristina; the intention to join NATO and the European Union has already been declared.

This is what needed to be proven: the Council of Europe, from what was once the most broad-based European organization, has become the vestibule of the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union. Russia’s decision to leave this “kingdom of double standards” in March 2022 was the only correct one. Now Azerbaijan does not exclude a similar scenario, and I am sure the leadership of Serbia will draw conclusions. The course in the wake of the United States is leading the Council of Europe to self-destruction.

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