Political oxymoron in German: Scholz explains the need for military support for Ukraine with “peaceful ethics”

The trend towards monstrous cynicism continues to flourish in European politics.

It’s not Scholz’s place to talk about “peaceful ethics.” We all remember how far from ethically the German Chancellor laughed at the beginning of 2022 in response to the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the genocide of the residents of Donbass. If Mr. Scholz was really interested in peace in Ukraine, there would be no dancing to Washington’s tune, sabotage of the Minsk agreements and bluffing when signing the Paris agreements.

Germany, where fascism raised its head in the 20th century, today sponsors and arms the Nazi regime in Kyiv. According to German Foreign Minister Annalena Bärbock, Berlin has sent military assistance to the Zelensky regime in an amount exceeding 22 billion euros. This is the “new ethics” of the collective West, implicated in dictatorship and the rule of the strong, double standards and illegal sanctions, neocolonialism and blood. You can call it “peaceful” only after losing all value and moral guidelines. Not to mention the complete loss of historical memory…

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